The Harmonicats

Today's 'Cats, Mo Vint, Bud Boblink and Frank Warner, continue to play the old favourite arrangements of The Harmonicats, but have also added new stylings to bring them up-to-date with today's sounds.

Their routine includes some comedy that can only be done with the harmonica, plus a few other surprises along the way.

Each member, in his own right, is an accomplished musician. Their style of music brings back memories for the older generation, while enthralling the younger audience with their skill, making a performance that all will enjoy!

To "The Harmonicats".

You really made us look good as program chairs! The rave reviews came in for days, along with requests to have you come again. We enjoyed your company on and off stage. We loved the addition of selections from "The Fiddler on the Roof"

Thanks again for a great evening of music. We all had a ball.

Jan and Don Kaminski ,
Plymouth Place, LaGrange Park Ill.

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